This movie was just fun to watch in 3D!  I’m not sure though if I would have wanted to view it if I hadn’t already known the story.  I think the 3D could be a bit distracting.  But, it was a lot of fun to view.. and they gave away free buttons!  Always a plus!  I’m still tempted to see if I could see the Harry Potter movie in 3D, if it’s not too late.


I had no idea that it would be so difficult to even begin to start out on developing something for mobile devices.

The reasons behind Flash Lite being on hold has to do things like deployment (do we have to join Verizon’s developer program?), what phones are widely used?  Which Flash Lite is available to those phones?  I heard that Flash Lite is not upgradeable for a phone.  That’s not good news for us.  That would pretty much mean we’d have to develop with Flash Lite 1.0 and not take advantage of all the cool things in Flash Lite 2.0 and beyond.   Also Blackberries and iPhones which are beginning to be widely popular (maybe more Blackberries in the Corporate world) do not have Flash or Flash Lite – makes me wanna beat up someone at Apple!  Argh.  Of course, there are some phones that are coming out that have the actual Flash player on them — does that mean a developer could just create something in Flash and not even go the Flash Lite route?

Which is the best way to go…?  Right now, we just have to think about how people could view our website in their mobile devices.

Flash Lite on Hold..

October 29, 2007

It’s going to be on hold for a bit… we shall see what we can do with it in the future…

On the other hand, Go Boston Red Sox!  I just wish that the Rockies would have won at least one game, that would have made the series much more exciting.  Alas.    Maybe one day the Padres will go up against the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. 🙂  I’d be a happy camper then!

Flash Lite 1.1 notes

October 25, 2007

I was watching a presentation on Flash Lite 1.1.  I’m sure some of this information is outdated, since it was presented even before Adobe bought Macromedia.

To Dial a Phone Number:

  • getURL(“tel:1800xxxxxxxx”);
  • needs country code if applicable.

To invoke a camera:

  • fscommand(“Launch”, path)
  • needs absolute path to application.
  • example: fscommand(“Launch”, “z:\\system\apps\comcorder\\”);
  • no application parameters

To play a mp3:

  • getURL(“file:///e:/sounds/vertigo.mp3”);
  • compress mp3 file before moving to phone

To play back a .3GP video file:

  • it’s played back via real audio (only way to integrate with flash lite 1.1)
  • getURL(“file:///e:/videos/nin_thtf.3gp”);
  • use quicktime pro to export .3GP files.

Hmm…good points

October 25, 2007

This blog post brought up some good points. Will Flash Lite be around much longer? As phones get more and more sophisticated, Flash Lite may not be used or needed…

What do you all think?

iPhone, no Flash?!

October 19, 2007

This isn’t good news, especially with the popularity of the iPhone. No Flash lite support? No Flash support?

That bites…

If I’m wrong, please correct me…

Tip from another blogger…

October 19, 2007

I was reading this today, I think the more information that I can get.. the better.

This post is mostly for my own reference…