How far would you go…

February 22, 2008

It’s interesting to see how many customers are willing to stay with the existing CMS system that we’re using, when they can’t use any new features.  I don’t see the point.  There’s no reason to upgrade.  Since they have fully moved to .NET, they no longer support ColdFusion.  They basically dropped this on several of their loyal customers and expect us just to move to .NET because they said to ‘Jump.’  Hmmm, not sure if they realize how the world works ….


There’s so much to do, it’s hard to know where to start. The really difficult part is that one can’t do as much planning until we get through the training and know what to expect.

I’m disappointed that we were led to believe that we could use their Partner to migrate our data. It’s really the most daunting task that I could think of and to have us think that they or their Partner had experience and then find that it was untrue; was tremendously disappointing. So, we’ll see how long it will take us to move the data forward into the new DB schema. I’m afraid we’ll be spending too much time on it.

We’ll see more next week, we’re also finishing up the last bit of training and then we can really delve into creating and migrating our websites.