March 4, 2008

Geez.  This is good practice for patience.  I know that in a few months, I’ll have to have plenty more..  but on a personal level, it’s always different.  We’ve discussed time and time and time again with the CMS vendor that we have an idea on how we want to set up our servers.  They’ve listened, they’ve agreed with us .. stating that we had some excellent ideas.  They did NOT however tell us that we’d have to pay for consulting hours to get it to work.  That’s f*cked up.  In my opinion.  I’d rather use our consulting hours for things that we seriously need help in implementing our sites.  Not how to install their product on our servers.  I mean, c’mon.  We can’t even start to implement anything until we can get it running.  Basically, we’re dead in the water.  That just seems to be so wrong.  I’m annoyed.  My manager is annoyed.  So, we have a Jump Start in less than 2 weeks and if we can’t even implement our development server – then we’re wasting our time.

How do vendors survive!  Seriously….


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