Dune series

November 8, 2007

I’ve become a bit obsessed with the series. I’m on the second/fourth book currently. I liked the D. Lynch movie, but so far.. watching the TV series, I’m not impressed. After watching Children of Dune, I realize that it was the second and third book all mashed into one. I did think that series was pretty good. I hate the fact that the cast of the TV mini series of Dune and Children of Dune have different casts. Not all of them, but enough to make a difference. Thankfully, at least Paul, Chani and the Princess are the same. Stilgar, Lady Jessica, and Duncan are all different. Blech. It’d be like watching the Tolkien films and having different actors play the main characters. It sorta sucks. Oh well.

The books ROCK, the series… I’ve liked and the movie, well.. in my mind, it’ll always be the original.


Gone Baby Gone

November 1, 2007

Good movie, good thoughts afterwards…

If you haven’t seen the movie, skip this post.. or if you don’t want to read any spoiler information on it.

I thought this was an interesting film.  I totally didn’t catch the twist until it occurred.  The film could have ended after the scene with the lake, but then it went on and had a nifty conclusion.   The dilemma and the decisions could have gone either way.  You could justify both decisions.  But, from a personal opinion.. I would have backed the girlfriend’s choice.  I saw Patrick’s point of view, but from the way it was described on how the mother treated the child.. would she really be better off there?  I don’t think so.  Another movie that sorta reminds me of this sort of decision is Butterfly Effect.  That movie showed how a person turned out, based on different choices that were made in their life.  Ashton’s girlfriend had drastic futures based upon his small choices.  Anyways, I thought the film was quite good.  Kudos to Ben and the actors and storywriters on this one!

This movie was just fun to watch in 3D!  I’m not sure though if I would have wanted to view it if I hadn’t already known the story.  I think the 3D could be a bit distracting.  But, it was a lot of fun to view.. and they gave away free buttons!  Always a plus!  I’m still tempted to see if I could see the Harry Potter movie in 3D, if it’s not too late.